BlackJack Simulator Pro

  • Win more often at Blackjack.
    • This patented blackjack simulator will analyze 1,000 hands in 15 seconds (in the multi-play mode it does 9,999 hands in 15 seconds).
    • This would take 96 hours of play at 2 hands each minute without the blackjack simulator.
    • YOU adjust YOUR playing and betting systems to improve your win percentage.
    • For every possible dealer up card showing, YOU set up YOUR playing system for each possible hand YOU can be dealt.
    • Let the program play 1,000 hands in 15 seconds to see what happens!
    • Set up what YOU do for splits, double-downs, etc., depending on what the dealer's up card is.
    • Try other systems YOU'VE heard about (no bust playing, split face cards, etc).
    • If YOUR system isn't good enough, change YOUR playing system to get better results.
    • YOU can put in betting systems that work with YOUR playing systems.
    • YOU can change YOUR betting systems anytime to improve your bank.
    • The program keeps track of YOUR current bankroll, highest and lowest amount reached and more.
    • Statistics on hands lost/won; double downs won and lost, splits, etc.

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